Wednesday, September 7, 2011


do you know what's adorable? toddler girls in tutus. dancing and spinning and twirling and playing. i LOVE it. i've been working as a nanny for a little nugget since she was 3 months old, and is now almost a year an a half! at the beginning, she slept.. a LOT. i got bored. there were only so many reruns of saved by the bell and 90210 that one can handle (ok, that's not true. i will always love those shows), so i decided to get crafty.

i started out making her a couple hair clips, like the elmo ones you'll see on the tumblr blog. all of a sudden, it was football season. what better way to celebrate football as a baby? in a tutu, of course! i made the nugget a browns tutu and an ohio state one. it wasn't long before i was completely addicted to crafting. you'll see a lot of my crafts in this blog, but for starters, you can check out my tumblr pics, and if you're interested in a tutu or a hair bow, go to my etsy site!!

oh, and of course, WELCOME TO MY BLOG! hope you stick around for as much adorableness as one can stomach. and probably other things.


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