Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Buzzfeed Wedding Quiz

Based on the other posts in this blog, I think Buzzfeed hit the nail on the head with my dream wedding! 


What Kind Of Wedding Should You Have?

  1. You got: a very traditional wedding in a church.
    Flickr: 44124348109@N01 / Creative Commons

    Whether your style is glamorous or modest, you like to keep things traditional and by-the-book. You’ve always had a very clear idea of what you wanted your wedding to look like ever since you were ~this big~ and you won’t be straying from that one bit.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

I am SO EXCITED to share with you my new found love! I bought this mascara only a week ago and the first time I tried it I was SOLD on the 3D Fiber Mascara! (aka Lash Crack!!!) I have never been good at putting on false lashes and regular mascara just doesn't do it for me. A friend turned me on to 3D Fiber Mascara and not only am I totally ADDICTED but this stuff is flying off the shelves!!!! 

This stuff actually adds length to your lashes. Not like regular mascara. There are little natural fibers that you apply after the transplanting gel and then you seal it with the final coat of transplanting gel. You will literally see the length of your lashes grow as you apply it. It stays on all day (no flaking or smudging EVER!) and is water resistant. This is the best stuff I've ever come across!

It is SO IMPORTANT to me that 3D Mascara is:

**naturally based makeup, paraben free, carcinogen free, free of harmful chemicals, cruelty free, hypoallergenic! I have sensitive skin and eyes, so this is important.

**$29 and it lasts for 2-3 months (which is just as long as all the other mascara's on the market)

**Safe for contact wearers, water resistant and EASY to come off with eye make up remover or face wash and water.

**No Auto-ship or memberships required. Try it, love it, order it again when you run out based on Your schedule.

Here's the thing Ladies, we ALL buy mascara! We are constantly searching for the mascara that volumizes, lengthens and doesn't flake or smudge! This is IT!!!! This is a FOREVER MASCARA!!

How does it work? It goes on similar to regular mascara, except you have 2 wands. 
1. is the Transplanting gel
2. is the Fibers

You can start with a base of your regular mascara, for a fuller, thicker look, or just apply this to bare lashes.

Start by having both tubes open in your hand, so you can apply Fibers before the Gel dries.

Then there are 3 steps:

1. put on Transplanting Gel, as you would mascara
2. before the gel dries, apply the fibers (again, like mascara). TIP: don't get too close to your eye, you dont want fibers falling off during application and getting in your eye!
3. seal the Fibers with another coat of Transplanting Gel.

Repeat steps 1-3 as many times as you want, to achieve your desired look. 

It's that easy!

The results are amazing.

 and some of My Own Personal Results (as you can see, I have puny eyelashes!)

want to order? or find out more?